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Secrets to Remove Pimples, Dark Spots, Acne Holes & Scars

Secrets to Remove Pimples, Dark Spots, Acne Holes & Scars

When we cure to acne and pimple red spots appear on the skin When we cure to red spots it is charged into scars when we see these spots we think that a pimple was better than these spots lol Are you suffered in dark spot, black spot or acne? is your face have a big crop of red spots?

Have you acne holes on your face after acne or pimples? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you it’s beautiful solution from acne to dark spots with easy remedies and some secrets I’ll show to make scrub mask for ladies and gents both it will be beneficial for you if I want, I could be finished the article telling some basic tips for removing acne instantly but these basic tips are not performed any satisfying results in acne or pimples One more thing.

I want to clear, there is not any useful drug to remove acne, dark spots and scars which could remove all spots before at least 3 months If you’ll cure, it will take 3 to 12 months in removing all spots If somebody says it can be removed overnight, he is saying wrong Listen to me carefully in this video so that you’ll not miss.

something important So let’s begin Hello friends you are well come to then thank you so much All things.

these are natural and harmless and have no any side effect firstly we add honey and some rice Boil the rice after boiling one tbs adding in honey Now we add one tbs yogurt Now mix it well acne.

scrub mask for ladies is ready to use apply to the whole face for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash with lukewarm water acne crop will be decreased after using 3 to 4 times it can be used also till finishing of acne Acne leaves red spots on the skin these look.

worse than acne Now take one tbs honey add one tbs yogurt bring one potato, peel it and grate or crash it Viewers, I’m making health and beauty useful tips videos for you free of cost, therefore,

if you didn’t subscribe my channel yet so do now Now put potato pulp in a clean cloth and squeeze for juice and add one tbs in this and mix it well you can’t apply this on the whole face but only one infected area.

where acne leaves spots after going apply before to sleep and wash after 30 minutes Now, not only acne problem has been solved plus also those red spots also have been finished which appear after going acne Now the third phase is about acne holes or scars for this problem.

we’ll use coconut oil apply it only on acne hole and scars remember, don’t apply on whole face coconut oil will resolve your this issue beautifully these 3 treatments which I made and teach, you can use for all types of skins.

Results will be shown: from the second week but use at least for one month Now I’ll tell you acne solution for gents along with women often gents are suffered acne problems to get rid this problem,

Firstly we take one lemon’s juice remember, there are many also add one tbs cinnamon powder in lemon juice mix it well if paste is thick you can add some more lemon juice after mixing it,

Apply on pimples at bedtime and leave on the pimples whole night In the morning wash it lukewarm water Note: this remedy is not for sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin Tea Tree oil is best for your skin.

Tea Tree Oil is easily available in the market you can apply on the pimple with the cotton swab for sensitive skin. not only it will remove acne but also remove redness after acne Now for acne holes and scars,

we’ll use two different oils first olive oil and second Kido (Pumpkin) oil take them in the same weight and apply on infected areas with the cotton swab before sleeping and wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water.

Thanks for them Further if you have any question you can ask in comments if you want an urgent reply for your question not only click on subscribe button but turn on notification by clicking on this bell button so that you could easily reach over website stay happy to see you in another new article take care bye bye….

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