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How to Reduce Your Cost Car Insurance:

How to Reduce Your Cost Car Insurance:

Nobody likes paying for car insurance so everybody should look for ways to bring the cost of their car insurance down and an easy way to do that is by boosting the security of your vehicle so that means an alarm an immobilizer and if possible park off-road at night in a garage if you can or on your driveway you’ll pay less than if you park on the road insurance can be expensive so a lot of people attempted to pay in installments and you might reasonably think that if you’re paying a 300 pound .

The premium that would equate to 25 pounds for 12 months but it’s often not the case insurance company will charge interest for it is effectively alone and you’ll end up paying 325 330 pounds instead so where possible if you can pay upfront pay the insurance premium. all in one go and it will work out cheaper in the long run that’s a simple fact that the more miles you drive the more likely you are to have an accident. so the fewer miles you drive the less you’ll pay for your insurance one way to bring down the cost of your premium is to add a named driver to your policy especially

if that’s an older person with more experience behind the wheel the insurance company will work on the basis that older more experienced person will be driving the car for at least some of the time and that will reduce the risk in their eyes and allow them to charge you less young drivers, in particular, pay a lot for their car insurance so how can they bring down the cost a policy that’s come onto the market in recent years it’s called telematics insurance and

that’s where a blackbox device is fitted to your car or you downloading up to your smartphone which record how you drive safely or otherwise where you drive the kind of road you’re driving on and when what sound day or night if you drive safely and if you avoid rush hours the hours of darkness and if you stick to safe roads and then a good chance after three months or six months or a year you’ll see your premium reduced the flipside of that is if you drive badly a dangerous times of the day or night and on dangerous roads your premium might increase so the incentive is on you

To earn a low a premium one way to make big inroads until car insurance premium is not to make any claims because insurance companies reward claim free driving with a no claims discount about cruise year-on-year so after one year you might own 30% of your premium two years forty percent and so on and so after five years you can in 60 70 even 80 percent of your premium if you built up a sizable no claims discount over the years it’ll make a big difference to

your insurance premium so it makes sense to protect it by paying a small additional amount and then if you make a claim it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll pay a high premium the next time around the other tactic is to avoid making small claims for incidental damage to your vehicle so if you reverse into a gatepost why not pay for the repairs yourself avoid making a claim and jeopardizing your no claims discount.

we think the best way to reduce your car insurance spend is to shop around every time you come to renewal insurance companies don’t reward loyalty they save the best prices for new customers so make yourself a new customer every year by shopping around you.

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