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Fear of the Corona virus

Fear of the Corona virus, banned from shaking hands in Italy
 March 5, 2020

Rome: Italian government banned kissing and kissing across the country to protect the Corona virus.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the European country is also distributing the death of the Corona virus in Italy. Italian authorities have taken steps to prevent the deadly virus and have banned the nation from signing.

Italian officials detailing the steps taken to prevent Corona from telling media representatives that “there will be a ban on shaking hands and kissing all over the country until the Corona virus is fully controlled because it will spread a lot of virus to each other.” More feared.

Foreign news agency says spectators have also been banned during football matches in Italy, after government measures are implemented nationwide, people will have to stay 1 meter apart at the meeting.

The death toll from the Corona virus in Italy has risen to 107, with more than 3089 victims.

It is important to note that the death toll from the Corona virus has reached 3250 worldwide while 95 thousand people are infected in 81 countries and more than 53 thousand have recovered.

Riyadh: The life-threatening coronavirus is spreading worldwide, while in Saudi Arabia it has grown its claws, more new cases have emerged in the state.

According to Arab media reports, three coronavirus patients have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia today, after which the number of patients infected with the virus has increased to 5.

The three victims of the kronavirus visited Iran after which it is believed that the deadly virus had migrated to Iran, which has now arrived in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Health Department says the new patients include spouses who arrived here from Iran via Kuwait, while they hid information from personnel at the border post to Iran. On the other hand, a third patient from Corona arrived in Saudi Arabia on the same ride from Iran.

Corona virus: sterile spray on Saudi airports and planes

All persons with malignant virus are being examined and the results will be made public soon, while every possible step is being taken to prevent the virus in the state.

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